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What we provide at Roof Quotes

At the Roof Quotes we cover all your needs, from roof painting, sealing, replacement, tiling and many other high quality services, including:

Roof restoration

Raise your home’s property values and buyer appeal with our thorough restoration process – we’ll have your aged and damaged terracotta tiles looking brand-new through roof painting, water-blasting, sealing and by treating them with Dulux’s AcraTex coating system.

Roof Repair

Get in touch with us and tell us what roof repairs you require.

Reroofing with Colorbond/Zincalume

If your metal roof doesn’t seal properly anymore and needs replacement due to age or wear and tear from weather, this is the best option. Both Colorbond and Zincalume can be colour-matched to any building, totally revitalising its appearance.

Metal roofing installation

Contemporary metal roofing has become the roof installation process of choice for more and more homeowners, due to Colorbond's wide range of colours to suit absolutely any house's aesthetic. It's a lighter and more versatile choice than traditional tiling, and often comes with extended warranties.

Traditional terracotta tiling

Our team are happy to install or re-install terracotta tiling for your newly-built or existing roof. Painting and sealing can be arranged as well.

Guttering installation and replacement

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Valleys replacement

Your roof's valleys are the channels between its different pitches. Most water is channelled through them, and most roof leaking results from aged or damaged valleys – especially if your home has overhanging trees.

Removing moss/high pressure cleaning

Unsightly moss can create gaps between tiles, which will inevitably lead to leaks. At Roof Specialist we can de-moss through high-pressure water cleaning and anti-fungal treatment that’ll keep your tiles free of moss. This tends to be done every 20 years.


Having your roof seal properly is important to protect your property from leaks and increase your home’s value and visual appeal. Re-sealing is a thorough procedure that encompasses checking for damaged tiles, sheets or cladding, investigating roof seals around valleys, gutters and flashing for watertightness, thorough water-blasting and cleaning, removal of foreign and plant material, and finally treating, sealing, priming and repointing.


A full roof replacement isn’t always needed, and can be too costly for some homeowners. Sometimes roof painting and replacing of damaged tiles is all that’s needed and with a new roof seal heat will be reflected and you can colour-coordinate it with the rest of your home.

Full tiled roof replacement

We can completely replace aged tile roofs that are beyond the point of repair by getting rid of all previous tiles, installing new batons and tiling material and re-installing existing ridge capping (if it's suitable). We're also happy to perform the 'tiles off, metal on' process and replace your tiling with steel roofing materials.

Tiled roof restoration

Tiled roofs require maintenance about every 20 years to ensure a long lifespan. The restoration process involves installing new tiles, thoroughly removing moss and cleaning existing tiles, and treating and re-pointing the entire roof. The look of older homes may suit restoration more than replacement.

Removal of asbestos material

Asbestos is a common material in older homes but is very dangerous for your health and is unsuitable in any property. At Roof Quotes our removal services exceed both Environmental Protection Authority and WorkSafe Victoria guidelines, and our crews undertake every required safety procedure to protect the wellbeing of you, your family and themselves.

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