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Throughout the 1950s and 1960s in Australia, asbestos could be found in a great number of homes and buildings. Australian construction and building companies mined, fabricated and utilised it as an insulation and all-purpose building material on a wide scale during these two decades.

However, it has been discovered that asbestos has very detrimental effects on health and is an unsuitable material for any building purposes. At Roof Quotes, we treat removal of this dangerous substance with the utmost importance, and our services fulfil the requirements of both the Environmental Protection Authority and Worksafe Victoria’s stringent guidelines. 

Our crews are sure to thoroughly vacuum and clean up after the asbestos re-roofing process, so there is absolutely no danger of asbestos remnants or dangerous materials remaining on-site. We also wear regulation protective gear including respirators and gloves to ensure we can work safely.

Once all asbestos materials are removed from your home, you’ll receive an Asbestos Clearance Certification document from us. You’ll also be able to increase your property value by thousands of dollars with asbestos roof replacements, changing to a Colorbond, Zincalume or metal roof.

At Roof Quotes we offer asbestos removal to clients in Heathmont, Box Hill, Glen Waverly, Ferntree Gully and many other of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Head to to learn more about the importance of asbestos removal.

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