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Flat metal roofing solutions

Installing a flat roof in a new home has always been popular. It continues to be a common rooftop construction, but can lead to problems with water drainage, including rust and leaks if installed incorrectly. However, a flat roof constructed from modern roofing materials is versatile, reliable and able to be set up at pitches as low as one degree.

We provide the following flat metal roofing products:

Lysaght Klip-Lok 700

Klip-Lok 700 is commonly known as a “tray roof” because of its long, straight runs and parallel rib dividers resembling trays. By using a concealed fixing clip, visible fasteners can be avoided, for a cleaner look. Lysaght Klip-Lok 700 can be used when constructing one and two degree pitch roofs.

Lysaght Timdeck

Visually, Trimdek resembles Klip-Lok 700, with a construction consisting of ribbed parallel trays. It brings together traditional corrugated steel with the Klip-Lok roofing system, and suits roofs constructed at pitches as low as two degrees.

Flat Metal Roof Ringwood East
Flat Metal Roof Ringwood East
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